Some 200 years of Franco-American relations have built heavily on the memory of Lt. General Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de la Fayette – known to most Americans simply as General Lafayette.  Born into an aristocratic family, he brought aid to the struggling American nation and took away with him an enduring appreciation for, and love of, the people and nation he had come to help.  This adopted son of President George Washington renounced his noble title during the French revolution and was twice awarded honorary US citizenship (once, in 1824, along with all his descendants in perpetuity, and again, formally in 2002). 

HOMMAGE au GENERAL PATTON is a Franco-American foundation, dedicated to the renewal of the Lafayette tradition that is personified by General George Patton.  If the United States had an aristocracy, George Patton’s family would have qualified as a member.  Raised in a military tradition, he fought twice on French soil – in both World Wars – was wounded in the first experience and returned to dedicate a significant portion of his life and effort, and to enter into legend, during the second.  Patton was a frank admirer of France and the French and a committed, unapologetic defender of French traditions, language and culture.  His actions inspire us and his image reminds us of the links that bind our two countries.

Founded by individuals with ties of culture, education and appreciation in both countries, Hommage au General Patton is dedicated to the celebration of combined history and to the cultivation and expansion of the personal and institutional ties that join us.  We invite you to join your voice with ours in our efforts to raise a statue of General Patton in Paris, France.  This statue will help serve as a reminder to all that our nations are linked, not just with ties dating to the foundation of the United States, but with ties that are renewed, sometimes with blood, but more often with empathy and always with friendship.


The association (non-profit organization) "Homage to General Patton" was created on March 15, 2007 and filed its by-laws with the Prefecture of Police. It is subject to the law of 1901.

Its purpose is: the erection in Paris of a statue of General Patton Jr. in recognition for his role in the liberation of France and its capital.

Its headquarters is 32, avenue de l'Opéra.

The Association is composed of:

  1. Honorary members gathered in a Support Committee
  2. Active members
  3. Patrons

The Support Committee is chaired by Helen Patton, granddaughter of General Patton.

It is headed by a Board made of 6 members, elected for one year by the General Assembly.

The board of directors chooses among its members, by secret ballot, an office consisting of

  1. A president;
  2. Vice-Presidents
  3. A secretary-general and, if necessary, a Deputy Secretary-General;
  4. A treasurer.

The office currently consists of:

Mr. Jean-Yves Rousseau, President
Mr. Jan Abbott, Vice President
Ms. Pamela Voleau, Vice President
Mr. Olivier de Kervenoaël, Secretary General
Miss. Marion E. Abbott, Treasurer

To become part of the association must be approved by the office which decides at each of its meetings on applications.

The annual membership fee of active members is 50 €.

Patrons pay a fee fixed by the General Assembly each year.