Minutes of Annual Board Meeting of the Association
Held at 32 Avenue de L'Opera, 75002 Paris, April 10, 2009, at 11.00AM


  • Report by General Secretary
  • Report on the Association accounting
  • Presentation of upcoming actions for 2009/2010, by the President
  • Payment of subscriptions
  • Miscellaneous questions

Activity Report

1. Actions and Meetings during the past year

    - Admiral, Chef of the Department of Army History
    - Admiral, President of the Association " Normandie Memoire "
    - Jacques Gautier, Senator, Mayor of Garches (Paris suburb)
    - Remi Becourt-Foch, great-grandson of Mal Foch & friend of Patton family.
    - Craig R. Stapleton, United States Ambassador in Paris.

2. Meetings and major discussion since January

    1. Yannick Favennec, Deputy was introduced to the Association by our VP Pamela Voleau. His support and actions permitted numerous important encounters that for the promotion of our project. Yannick Favennec has immediatly recognized the great value of such initiative. We want to thank him for his confidence into the association.

    2. French National Assembly meeting, the meeting was organized January 19 by Louis Giscard d'Estaing Deputy, "What will be the Transatlantic Relationship with the Obama presidency?" gave us the opportunity to make several serious contacts, among them Axel Poniatowski Deputy, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission at the French Assembly.

    3. Remi Becourt-Foch, Great-grand son of Mal Foch and friend of Patton Family. We have met several times and we maintain contact for any future developments.

    4. Louis Giscard d'Estaing Députy, President of the group Friendship France/United States has confirmed his support. He should write a note to " The Elysee Palace ", to inform the President office of our action and the possibility of meeting during the D-Day anniversary June 6 in Normandy.

    5. Pierre Lellouche Députy, Member of Paris City Hall committee, recognized the great value of our project, confirmed that he will be a strong supporter for such initiative within the Paris Municipality. The same day of our meeting he called the Paris major to inform him of the project.

    6. Joseph Zimet, Assistant to the Defense Secretary of State and Veterans. He is in charge of the Commemoration and International affairs. He confirmed his support, found the project realistic, timely and topical, and will assist us to négotiate with the Paris municipality as well as with the Hotel of Invalides and "Elysee Palace". He has requested to be kept informed of any further developments.

    7. Marie Thérèse Leclerc de Hauteclocque, Grand daughter of Maréchal Leclerc, commander of 2ème French Armored Division serving under Patton Third Army. Mrs de Hauteclocque should confirm her family's support of our project to the association.

    8. Colonel Raymon Hodgkins, Military Attaché at the United States Embassy in Paris, was met in April to prepare the contacts for the occasion of the next visit of President Obama in Normandy on June 6th.

3. Association Correspondance*:

    a. Letter to Paris City Hall with supportive letter from United States Embassy in Paris.

    b. Letter to Mr. Jean-Marie Bockel Defense Secrétary of State and Veterans with supportive letter from United States Embassy in Paris.

    c. Letter to Dr. Robert M. Gates Defense Secrétary of State with a cover letter and support from the Military Attache from United States Embassy in Paris.

    * See hereafter letters' copy

4. Action and support from Patton Foundation

    Helen Patton, General Patton's grand daughter and head of the Foundation; her support and action permitted the Association to meet (among others) famous French military families whom have contributed throughout history to enhance the French image in the world. Most importantly, Helen creates by her presence a special spirit in the association and transmits to everyone with whom she speaks her passion for her famous grand father.